Integrated 180W Servo Motor 36VDC JMC iHSV57-30-18-36

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input voltage 24~50VDC(36V typical value )
Continuous output current 6A
Maximum pulse frequency 250K
Default rate 9.6Kbps(Required external conversion interface)
protect ▸Peak value of over current action value 30A + 10%
▸Overload I2t current action value of 300% 5S
▸Overheating action value of 80
▸Overvoltage action value 65V
▸Action value of under voltage voltage 18V
Use environment occasion As far as possible to avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases
working temperature 0~+70℃
Storage temperature -20℃~+80℃
humidity 40~90%RH
Cooling mode Natural cooling or forced air cooling

Cooling Natural Cooling or Forced Convection   
Environment   Space Avoid dust, oil frost and
corrosive gases
Ambient Temperature 65°C
Humidity <80%RH
Vibration 5.9m/s² Max
Storage Temp.  -10°C -80°C
Weight Approx. 1.8 Kg
  • Multi Pulse Input Modes Pulse+Direction
  • Opto-isolator Servo Reset Input Port ERC
  • Current Loop Bandwidth:(-3dB)2KHz(Typical)
  • Speed Loop Bandwidth: 500Hz(Typical)
  • Position Loop Bandwidth: 200Hz(Typical)
  • Motor Quadrature Encoder Input Interface: Differential Input(26LS32)
  • Download parameters via RS232C from PC or Text Display.
  • Users can definite subdivisions via external Dial-up switches or software.
  • Overcurrent, I2T, Over-voltage, Undervoltage, Overheat, Overspeed, Overerror Protections.
  • Green light indicates running, red light indicates protection or offline.

In der Anleitung steht der Zentriering ist 38,2mm. Das ist falsch. Der Zentriering ist 25,4mm +-0.1mm

Anleitung: servomotor.pdf
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