IHSS60-36-30-31 2phase Nema24 Hybrid 3Nm Closed Loop Schrittmotor

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Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage 24~50VDC(36V Typical)
Output Current 4.5A 20KHz PWM
Pulse Frequency max 200K
Communication rate 57.6Kbps
l Over current peak value 8A±10%
l Over voltage value 80V
l The over position error range can be set through the HISU
Environment Avoid dust, oil fog and corrosive gases
Operating Temperature 70℃ MAX
Storage Temperature -20℃~+65℃
Humidity 40~90%RH
Cooling method Natural cooling or forced air cooling
  • Integrated compact size for saving mounting space
  • Without losing step, High accuracy in positioning
  • 100% rated output torque 
  • Variable current control technology, High current efficiency
  • Small vibration, Smooth and reliable moving at low speed
  • Accelerate and decelerate control inside, Great improvement in smoothness of starting or stopping the motor
  • User-defined micro steps
  • No adjustment in general applications
  • Over current, over voltage and over position error protection
  • Green light means running while red light means protection or off line
Ideal für die Z-Achse, die Anleitung ist für das Haltermaß nema 23 Motoren
richtig ist Größe 60x60mm und Bohrungen 50x50mm

Anleitung: http://www.cnc-technics.de/stepper_motoren_integrated.pdf
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